Undergraduate Research

Western Carolina University has established itself as a national leader in undergraduate research having ranked in the Top 10 for the number of projects accepted to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research annually since 2006.

Alma Rodriquez - NCUR Student

Alma Rodriguez, an NCUR student

Although participation in research is open to all undergraduates at WCU, students in Western Carolina’s Honors College represent a large portion of projects submitted to and accepted by NCUR each year. Honors College students often work collaboratively on research projects and presentations as part of a living learning community in Balsam and Blue Ridge Halls. 

Undergraduate Research Expo

The undergraduate research exposition, part of WCU’s campus-wide Research and Scholarship Celebration, provides students with the opportunity to work with faculty to present their research to an engaged audience on campus. The annual expo features over 200 student presenters working with more than 60 faculty sponsors.

Field Research and Internships

Student researching a plant


Undergraduate research may also involve off-campus research trips and internships, both of which provide students with hands-on experience to prepare them for research as part of a variety of post-college careers.

Western Carolina’s Honors College supports summer field research through its Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Students submit proposals to receive a stipend and tuition waiver to conduct research projects during the summer and earn credit toward graduation.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

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