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Summer 2024 Refund Day is June 12, 2024.

Fall 2024 Refund Day is September 3, 2024

Refunds are issued when a student has a credit balance on his/her account. The credit balance may be the result of financial aid, a cash overpayment, an adjustment to the student’s account or a reduction in tuition and fees due to a withdrawal from the university. All credit card overpayments will be refunded to the credit card. They will not be refunded to the student or used as prepayment for emergency loans. Credit balances resulting from check or WebCheck payments will not be refunded until 10 days have passed since the payment was made.

Refunds are issued by two methods: direct deposit or mailing a check. Mailing refund checks may cause delays. Addresses must be entered properly and updated when you move. Checks may be lost. Avoid problems by using direct deposit.

Direct deposit is the fastest, most efficient way for a student to receive a refund. The student’s bank account will reflect the refund within three to five business days from the date the refund amount is entered on the student’s account. It is the student's responsibility to keep the banking information provided in Bill+Payment up-to-date. Follow these steps to go into Bill+Payment through myWCU and set up direct deposit:

Visit myWCU  and login with your WCU ID (before the @ in your catamount email address) and password.

  1. Click View Details and $ Pay to access Bill+Payment.
  2. Click Electronic Refunds under My Profile Setup and then Set Up Account.
  3. Select Set up a new account.
  4. Provide bank account information for checking account  and complete Save Payment Method as (You Choose a Name). IMPORTANT! Do not use savings account for refund. Your refund will be delayed or rejected. Confirm Agreement information by checking I Agree and click Continue.

If the student does not provide direct deposit information in Bill+Payment, the check will be mailed to the student’s address in Banner in the following priority order:

1. Mailing Address
2. Permanent
3. Local Address

The refund check will be delivered approximately 10-15 business days from the date the refund amount is entered on the student’s account.

If your refund check has been mailed and you do not receive the check within two weeks or the check has been misplaced, please complete the Affidavit, have it notarized, and mail to:

Western Carolina University
ATTN: Controller’s Office
300 O HFR Administration Building
Cullowhee, NC 28723

For questions regarding the check number and date, you may call Student Accounts at 828.227.7324. If you have questions regarding the replacement process, you may call 828.227.2583. Upon receipt of the completed Affidavit, a stop payment will be issued on the original check and a replacement check will be mailed to your mailing address (type MA).

Western Carolina University may use your federal financial aid to pay tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans for the current academic year. Federal financial aid regulations require Western Carolina University to obtain your authorization to use federal financial aid funds to pay other education related expenses (such as, but not limited to, lab fees, health center charges, parking fines, bookstore charges, library fines and emergency loans) and to pay prior year expenses up to a maximum of $200. Once made, these authorizations remain in effect until graduation.

If you choose not to authorize payment of education related expenses, you will not be allowed to charge at the Bookstore.

Also, if you choose not to authorize payment of education related expenses or prior year expenses, it is your responsibility to pay those expenses out of pocket. Failure to pay will prevent you from registering for future semesters and prevent the release of your academic transcripts. Failure to pay by the payment deadline will result in cancellation of your class schedule.

If you authorize and then later choose to rescind the authorizations, you may do so by contacting the Student Accounts Office.

You may authorize payment of education related expense and prior year expenses by following these instructions:

1. Visit myWCU
2. Login with your WCU ID (before the @ in your catamount email address) and password.
3. Click Menu in the upper left hand corner and search for Authorize.
4. Click Authorize Financial Aid for Other Educational Expenses-Title IV.
5. To make the authorizations, click on Submit.
6. To disapprove the authorizations, click on the down arrow next to Authorize, select Do Nothing, and click on Submit. Remember, if these authorizations are not made, you may be refunded without all of your charges being paid and you will be responsible for making payment of these unpaid charges. If they are not paid, you will be blocked from registering for future terms and receiving academic transcripts.

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