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Diversity Dialogues: Being Latino

Over the past decade, there has been explosive growth in the number of Latino Americans enrolled in universities across the country. Western Carolina University has been no exception to that rule. For the first time, WCU's Hispanic population makes up a larger percentage of the student body (6.4 percent) than African American students (6.23 percent). 

During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we celebrate WCU's Latino community as part of our Diversity Dialogues series. The Diversity Dialogues series attempts to capture and share the unique experiences of students from diverse backgrounds, helping open all of our eyes to different views of the world and bring us together through dialogue. We will share the stories of several Hispanic students at Western Carolina, and we invite you to share your own story as well.

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Hear from Latino Students


A Conversation: Life as a Latino Student

We kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with a dialogue featuring  WCU junior biology major Jenifer Montoya Velasquez, President of the Latino Appreciation Student Organization, graduate student Faviola Olvera, and alumnus Sarah Nuñez, who is also a member of WCU's Board of Visitors.

In a conversation moderated by Chief Diversity Officer Ricardo Nazario-Colon, Jenifer, Faviola, and Sarah discuss their experiences as a Latino student at WCU, navigating their own self-identity as Americans of Hispanic descent and much more. We invite you to watch the video here and to join the conversation by submitting your own story. We may include your story among several here.

Student Voices

Hear from three students who share their own unique perspectives on being a Latino American student at WCU. We'd love to hear and share your story as well. Share what you’ve learned about cultural differences, how you’ve been challenged, or what you want other students to know about walking in your shoes. 


Luis Cruz

Gabriela Morales

Julio Diaz



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