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Refer a Student

Faculty or staff who have identified a student needing additional outreach from Office of Student Retention advisors should submit an Issue Alert about the student within the Navigate system (previously GradesFirst) and select “Retention Outreach” as the issue alert reason, in addition to any other applicable reasons for the alert.

Submitting an issue alert with this reason indicates the student is at risk of not being retained and needs additional follow-up, support, or resources to be successful.

This issue alert might be appropriate if a student expresses uncertainty about continuing at WCU, significant frustration about an aspect of their WCU experience, a feeling that they do not “fit” at WCU or that WCU is not a good “fit” for them, etc.

This alert reason will often likely coincide with other alert reasons, such as “Getting bad grades”, “Attendance concern”, etc., but using it indicates a need to touch base with the student specifically about their future at WCU and connect them with resources and support to be successful and continue at WCU.

More information about how to submit an Issue Alert and the Issue Alert system can be found in the Advising Center's website.

Faculty or staff who are unable to submit an Issue Alert in Navigate can email and provide as much pertinent information as possible to help us reach out to the student.

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