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Professional Science Concentration

The Master of Science in Chemistry, Professional Science Concentration (PSC) is a two-year program offered by the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Western Carolina University.

Chemistry Graduate Student in Lab.


PSC students will work with dedicated faculty to use cutting-edge chemistry technology and innovative business theories and practices to solve real-world problems. The PSC will increase students' professional network and job prospects in fast-growing chemical industries, such as natural products, pharmaceuticals, and process analytical applications. 

There are three professional tracks: executive, technology and financial, all of which share a common science core. This program is ideal for people interested in industrial applications or who are currently employed in the private sector looking for career advancement.

Program Highlights

  • Students will earn an M.S. Chemistry degree
  • All learning will focus on chemistry and business/professional skills that are needed by the chemical industry
  • The M.S. Chemistry Professional Science Concentration is 30 hours and includes the following:
  1. Five chemistry courses that focus on biotechnology, biochemistry, instrument techniques, and structural determination;
  2. Three business "tracks" to choose from: executive, technology, and financial; and
  3. An internship at a regional company or a research project where students will apply their learning in a real-world context.

Concentration Requirements

Required Core Courses (21)

  • CHEM 593 Topics in Chemistry Credits: 3
  • CHEM 535 Instrumental Analysis II Credits: 3
  • CHEM 541 Advanced Organic Chemistry Credits: 3
  • CHEM 563 Molecular Biotechnology Credits: 3
  • CHEM 550 Principles of Biochemistry Credits: 3
  • CHEM 689 Cooperative Education in Chemistry Credits: 6
  • A two-day seminar that covers regulatory content is required but does not count toward the curriculum credit hours.
  • The internship requires students to work 120 hours to satisfy the 6 credit hour internship. The scheduling and duration must be negotiated and approved by the student, the student's faculty advisor, and the internship supervisor.

Professional Tracks (9)

  • MBA 621 - Leadership and Ethics Credits: 3
  • ENT 610 - Entrepreneurial Creation Credits: 3
  • MBA 629 - Organizational Behavior Credits: 3
  • MBA 635 - Managing Value-Creating Business Operations Credits: 3
  • ENT 601 - Entrepreneurial Innovation Credits: 3
  • ENT 610 - Entrepreneurial Creation Credits: 3
  • MBA 627 - Applied Business Statistics Credits: 3
  • MBA 639 - Systems for Competitive Advantage Credits: 3
  • MBA 623 - Accounting: Understanding Performance & Informing Decisions Credits: 3
  • MBA 625 - Applied Business Economics Credits: 3
  • MBA 627 - Applied Business Statistics Credits: 3
  • MBA 637 - Financial Management and Valuation Credits: 3
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