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Geosciences & Natural Resources Department

Geology Rock Formation Research


What better place to study the environment? The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources (GNR) and its programs— geology, natural resource conservation and management, earth science education, and geography—provide you with exceptional opportunities to immerse yourself in hands-on learning, to get outside, and to conduct research with an outstanding faculty that is internationally recognized and committed to high standards of excellence both in the classroom and out in the field.

Academic Programs

Earth Science Education
Environmental Science
Natural Resource Conservation and Management

Field Research Opportunities

Geology Student Measuring Tree Growth


Cradled in a lush valley and surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes, Western’s Cullowhee campus is uniquely and ideally located for you and your peers to carry out local field projects at on- and off-campus sites and to benefit from regional sites and resources.You’re also encouraged to study in other parts of the state, country, and the world through practical internships, research, and study abroad programs in places such as Cape Lookout, North Carolina; Sapelo Island, Georgia; alpine meadows in Nevada; Olympic National Park,Washington; the Bahamas; Australia; and South America.

Research Facilities

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