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Master of Construction Management

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The Master of Construction Management (MCM) is designed for working professionals looking to advance their careers in the construction industry. The MCM degree is intended for professionals in commercial and industrial construction, large-scale residential development or land management. The degree program requires 30 semester hours and students have the flexibility of completing the program at their own pace while continuing their career.
The MST program is designed with sufficient flexibility to permit students to select a combination of courses in applied and supporting areas to meet individual career needs. Additional courses provide the opportunity to develop special research and applications skills.

Program Curriculum

The program includes 18 core requirements and 12 elective hours. Students are encouraged to focus their selection of elective courses to concentrate on areas of particular personal interest.
Core requirements (18 hours):

  • CM 500 - Advanced Construction Finance Credits: 3
  • CM 503 - Sustainability in Construction Credits: 3
  • CM 530 - Advanced Legal Issues in Construction Credits: 3
  • CM 552 - Leadership in Construction Management Credits: 3
  • CM 554 - Computer Applications in Construction Credits: 3
  • CM 653 - Research Methods in Construction Credits: 3

Construction Management Electives (12 hours required from the following courses)

  • CM 542 - Construction Estimating Credits: 3
  • CM 562 - Construction Scheduling Credits: 3
  • CM 611 - Advanced Materials and Methods Credits: 3
  • CM 621 - Construction Operations and Safety Credits: 3
  • CM 655 - Advanced Topics in Construction Credits: 3
  • CM 656 - Construction Forensics Credits: 3
  • CM 657 - Construction Best Practices Credits: 3
  • CM 660 - Land Development I Credits: 3
  • CM 661 - Land Development II Credits: 3
  • CM 688 - Directed Project Credits: 1-3, R6
  • PM 650 - Fundamentals of Project Management Credits: 6
  • PM 652 - Project Selection and Initiation Credits: 6
  • PM 654 - Project Planning Credits: 6

Admissions Requirements

The MCM program admits prospective students year round, and applicants can start the program any semester: spring, summer or fall.
In addition to the university's Graduate School Admission Requirements, applicants must have earned a GPA of no less than 3.0 on undergraduate courses. Exceptions can be made for applicants with extensive work experience. A current resume must be included at the time of application along with at least one letter of recommendation; interviews may be requested. Computer literacy is a necessary prerequisite.

For more information, contact the program director, Dr. George Ford.

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