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Academic Affairs Contacts

Academic Affairs Phone Contacts - Effective March 27, 2020
It is important that we remain accessible to our constituents while the university is under teleworking conditions. To that end, please use the contact phone numbers below to connect with select offices in Academic Affairs.

Unit Contact Phone #
Provost's Office 828.227.7495
College of Arts and Sciences 828.227.3821
College of Business 828.227.7412
College of Education and Allied Professions 828.227.3306
College of Engineering and Technology 828.227.2159
Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts 828.227.7028
College of Health and Human Sciences 828.227.7271
Educational Outreach 828.227.7397
Graduate School and Research 828.227.7398
Institutional Planning and Effectiveness 828.227.7239
Brinson Honors College 828.227.7383
Hunter Library 828.227.7485
WCU at Biltmore Park 828.654.6498
Registrar's Office 828.227.7216
Office of Web Services